Hi! I’m Krystina Martinez.

Me, as a cartoon. The world is just a giant eye roll.

I was born and raised in North Texas and I currently reside in Dallas. I’m a proud second-generation Mexican-American. (┬íViva la raza!)

Who I Am

I’m a daughter, a wife, a sister, an ambivert, Gemini with a Virgo moon, a blunt-but-caring friend, a geek, an avid podcast-listener, and much more. You can find me sewing, reading, writing, rehabbing furniture, or redecorating my apartment much to my husband’s displeasure. I also powerlift, run, bike, and dance.

What I Do

I’m a journalist and my career has spanned from public media to audience engagement and I’m now seeking a product role.

Growing up, I was a voracious reader and always had my hand on a newspaper. I believe knowledge is power and journalism can empower people to make well-informed decisions about their livelihood. (Learn more about my work here.)

Journalists are told to care about personal branding, but I’m vey bad at it and I don’t have enough ego to care. My brand is comfortable clothes, fixing things, and my signature ‘do of bangs and short hair. Oh, and I have bright business cards.