First Post

This all started with an innocuous text to my two best friends: “If I started a blog, would you read it?”

Now keep in mind, I sent this to the two ladies who served as the maids-of-honor in my wedding, so they’d probably support other questionable decisions I’ll make in the future. (They peeled me off the pavement during my bachelorette night like I requested. Thanks, gang!) But I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while, so what the heck, let’s do this. Here’s my first post!

I’m a lover of projects. I’m a journalist, so I bounce from one assignment to the next. When I’m not covering local news or editing conversations with interesting newsmakers, I’m always onto some other personal project.

This is a grand ol’ experiment

I’ve been blogging on-and-off for years: LiveJournal, its darker sister-site DeadJournal, Xanga, Blogspot, you name it. Though I love to write and I do it for a living, I couldn’t stick to to straight-up blogging. Municipal elections? Pension meltdowns? I’m your girl. Writing about personal matters, like my first year of marriage or my secret shame of not knowing Spanish? I can’t formulate the words. Still, it’s a side of myself I’ve wanted to explore.

So this is it. This is Krystina. Usually articulate, sometimes I just make noises. This is a personal blog, and I’m glad you’re taking the time to read this.

A couple of things you should know:
  • I’m a second-generation Mexican-American. I’m very proud of my heritage. No hablo espanol, but my husband’s teaching me. I have a lot of feelings about that. I’ll likely write about it.
  • I’ll also write about my hobbies, personal projects, and other musings. I’m interested in a lot of different things, which may have to do with the fact that I’m a Gemini. (Some would argue that makes me crazy, but you can decide for yourself.)
  • I appreciate honesty, and make every attempt to practice it. I’d like this to be a community of people who can commiserate over the intricacies of life. I love a healthy debate, but I don’t get political here. I also don’t tolerate hate or sexism here.

I’m a listener, so feel free to comment! Nothing beats a good conversation. Let’s have some fun.

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