Adventures In Sewing: First Project + Bias Tape Hate

I finished my first sewing project. Lesson: I hate bias tape.

I spent the last week on-and-off working on this sewing machine cover. I made a few changes, including adjusting the width for my machine, reducing the number of pockets, and adding a slot for a sewing machine handle.

I really like how it does double duty as a tool holder, since I tend to throw my supplies everywhere while I’m working. Is it perfect? Heck no. For the secondary pocket, I probably would’ve added another inch to the top to account for attaching the bias tape.

That secondary pocket is TINY. Oops.

Also, I would’ve added an extra inch to the main cover. My initial measurement was perfect for my machine, but I didn’t account for sewing in the batting, which always results in uneven ends that have to be trimmed to size. The pattern says you can make it bigger to cut to size later. My recommendation: just do it.

Another oops.

Can I just say that I really, really hate bias tape? For the uninitiated, this is a good explainer. In most tutorials, they try to tout the ‘continuous bias’ method, where you basically sew two triangles into some weird parallelogram, make your lines, and mark. I attempted to, but it was confusing as hell and my tape came out weird. So I tried the simpleton method, which turned out much better.

Attaching it was another story.

You’re not supposed to see that line.
That doesn’t look so bad.

I was able to do mitered corners (where you try to attach the tape around a sharp corner), but overlapping at the end was a nightmare. At one point, I was a hair short on my tape, so I attached another piece and used my hair straightener to press it into a double fold, which was a smart move, but then I misunderstood the instructions for overlapping. Oi.

I’m still going to use my imperfect cover because its useful, and I’m still going to try projects with bias tape because I need to get better at it it.

Moral of the story: I’m an imperfect sewist. I hate bias tape.

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