It’s Been A While!

I’ve been AWFUL at updating. I’ve been attempting to live my best life the last six months and I’ve been doing an okay job of it.

A brief summary:

  • I reported this feature on the struggles people of color and white entrepreneurs face when trying to get business money.
  • I collected tape of sick dogs for this episode of Death, Sex and Money.
  • I ran my first 10K, skipped another one, and ran a 5K.
  • Volunteered at an urban farm.
  • Bought a new sofa, got my HGTV on, and sewed some sweet throw pillow covers.
  • Accomplished social media nirvana with my most-liked tweet.
  • Actually finished a novel. (I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sanchez.)
  • Paid off a big credit card bill.
  • Re-calibrated my meds, resulting in a happier me.
  • Tested the limits of our marriage by helping JR put his contacts in after he broke his middle finger.
  • Was within two feet of Tyra Banks when she was a guest on our mid-day show.

Here are some photos of the last six months. This is why my Instagram “aesthetic” is trash.


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