Secret Podcast Pilots: The Good, The Bad & The Chaotic Neutral

I have some podcast pilots that’ve been sitting on my desktop for a few years.

Fun fact: I spent two years after college doing radio temp work – not by choice – when my sister’s boyfriend mentioned he wanted to do a podcast about indie tabletop RPGs. (Think Dungeons & Dragons.)  I was looking for a project to do since I was pretty down about not having a steady paycheck, so I proposed that we try some pilots. I know nothing about RPGs, but he and his friends did, so here’s the result: The Good, The Bad & The Chaotic Neutral. It was a good time, and taught me a lot about homebrew podcasting.

Without further ado, here’s a series of four pilots, which were recorded in 2014. (Warning for language and crass humor.) I’ll add another one shortly, whenever I finish editing.

Music: “Mt. Fox Shop” and “Meeting Mt. Fox” by Boxcat Games, “Missing You” by Trash80

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