In which I write about job search automation

I recently wrote about tips for automating the job search on Zapier's blog. I'm not pitching AI as a way to get you the job without any effort. Instead, I offer some tips to keep things organized, think through your next move, and be thorough through each step of the process -- with a little automation help.

How I Organize My Job Search: Unemployment Edition

In case you missed it, I’m currently unemployed. To make a long story short, my position was eliminated due to a restructure. I could get into all the feelings about unemployment, but I'm tired of feeling things. I want to talk about how I've systematized my job hunt. When you're suddenly unemployed and you have [...]

Things Have Happened

This summer has been eventful, to put it mildly. In mid-June, I left my job at KERA to take a new position as an engagement consultant for Hearken, a journalism-adjacent startup that equips newsrooms to create journalism that's responsive to their community's needs. This pivot was very much influenced by some goals I set at [...]

Secret Podcast Pilots: The Good, The Bad & The Chaotic Neutral

I have some podcast pilots that've been sitting on my desktop for a few years. Fun fact: I spent two years after college doing radio temp work - not by choice - when my sister's boyfriend mentioned he wanted to do a podcast about indie tabletop RPGs. (Think Dungeons & Dragons.)  I was looking for [...]

What Happened When I Took A Mental Health Break

I've never taken a mental health break in my life. But there were many times that I should've. I should've taken one after I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and recurrent anxiety at 19. I couldn't. It was the start of the Great Recession, when I dropped out of college to work full-time because [...]

Being A Mexican-American: Straddling The Hyphen

I stopped by my parents' house yesterday while I was waiting for my car to be serviced.We were eating burgers when my dad suddenly said, "it's 7 o'clock! My novela's on!" Lately, they've been into Jose de Egipto, a novela based on the biblical story of Joseph. They've always been into the biblical movies on the religious [...]

Adventures In Sewing: First Project + Bias Tape Hate

I finished my first sewing project. Lesson: I hate bias tape. I spent the last week on-and-off working on this sewing machine cover. I made a few changes, including adjusting the width for my machine, reducing the number of pockets, and adding a slot for a sewing machine handle. I really like how it does [...]

I Bought A Sewing Machine And I’m Really Excited About It

Let's kick it back to Home Ec circa 2001. As I tend to do with any big purchase, I research extensively, sit on it for a few months, rinse and repeat. I've been wanting to tackle some upholstery projects, dabble in making clothes, and fix existing clothes for a while. I just have a very [...]